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Exercise - How to Create an Attribute/User Defined field (Business Objects)

Create a new Attribute

Create a new Attribute
  1. Create the name of your Attribute (displayed in the database) you could use Membership as an example or create your own
  2. Create the Display Name (this is the visible name of the Attribute, shown in areas such as custom links) this can be the same as the "Attribute Name" and shouldn't contain any spaces.
  3. Select your data type, for this exercise please select a data type of Text

Other data types

Other data types
  1. Text - For collecting or using data such as First Name, Post Code etc...
  2. Number - This can be used for collecting Membership number, contact ID etc...
  3. True/False - This can be used to collect contact preferences (A preference field means it is a 'yes' or 'no' (boolean) value and will appear as a check box on the contact screen)
  4. Date - This can be used to collect the date from a web capture form, date of an a event, training etc
  5. Drop Down - This type is used when a attribute may hold multiple values, they are separated by comma's when importing data.


Select a test contact from Audience/contacts

Select the Personal Tab, then select "Client's Custom Details"

Find your new attribute and provide a value to test with.

Save and close

Test using an Email or Landing Zone

Test using an Email or Landing Zone
  1. Create a new email or Landing Zone and select from custom links/Person your new attribute.

Save & Preview

Save & Preview

Note: Preview uses the first contact in the database, if you are not able to edit the contact you will need to test via a campaign and select the appropriate contact to mimic.


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