Bake Your Own: Remarketing Campaign

In this step by step guide we look at assisting you to build your own remarketing campaign, in this particular example we are going to look at the engagement of a web site visitor lead in to the results of receiving an effective targeted message!

Our visitor arrives at the CRM integration page, based on this action being completed we trigger an Alert from GatorLeads to add our page visitor to a targeted group within Communigator, this group is attached to a refresh non-recurring campaign that will automatically push out our targeted email when the action is completed.

Page Hit

1. First chose a page from your web site that you would like to act as a starting point.

Creating the audience group which the Alert will feed into

  1. Select the group tab.
  2. Create your audience group. This is where contacts who have visited your chosen page will be sent.

Setting up the Alert - Schedule

Setting up the Alert - Schedule
  1. Select the 'Alerts' tab in GatorLeads
  2. Select the ‘Schedule’ tab
  3. Create a name for your alert
  4. Set the frequency that you would like the Alert to run
  5. Set the time you would like the Alert to run
  6. Switch on the Alert by selecting 'Enable'

Setting up the Alert - Rules

  1. Select the 'Rules' tab
  2. Manually type in the URL of the page you have chosen, or select the page icon. If you select the page icon, you will be able to search the site for key pages that are tracked on by WOW as in the example above. (Note: you are able to set the Alert based upon more than one page hit. For each URL added an ‘AND’ command will apply)
  3. Switch on the Alert
  4. If you are monitoring more than one page, you are able to set the range of time that the pages must be hit within in order to trigger the Alert

Note: In this example we have based our Alert on page visits, but you are also able to base the alert on other interactions. For our example, I want my Alert to trigger based on URL page hit and Lead Type must be set to customer.

Setting up the Alert - Send To

Setting up the Alert - Send To
  1. Select the 'Send To' tab
  2. Select the 'Email' tab
  3. If you would like to receive an email to let you know that the alert has been triggered, or send it to a member of your team, you can enter their email address here
  4. If the lead is assigned an internal contact and the Alert is triggered, the contact will receive a notification email
  5. Select the Gator Integration tab
  6. Select the Enable 'Gator Integration' check box to switch on the integration between the GatorLeads Alert and the Gator group that you previously created
  7. Select your Gator group

Campaign build

2. Select 'Refresh Non-recurring'

3. Select the close date. This is important as after this date, contacts will no longer be added to your group, and the campaign will no longer send out any emails.


4. Select the 'Audience' tab

5. Select the re-marketing group that is connected to your GatorLeads Alert – the group you would like contacts to be fed into.

Note: Your group will need to contain at least one audience member prior to initiating the campaign. We would recommend adding yourself rather than a dummy address

6. Select the 'Audience' tab

7. Select & attach your email

8. Test the campaign as normal. Remember to check the spam score & run the Inbox checker

9. Save & initiate the campaign

Remarketing Campaign Magic!

Remarketing Campaign Magic!


You've just baked your own Remarketing Campaign

Our recipient has visited a key page on our website, and based on this action being completed, they then entered our remarketing campaign and received a targeted email based on their website interaction, sending the right content to the right person at the right time!

 All in all a very tasty recipe...