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Recipe: Drip Campaigns - Campaign Series

What you'll need:

  1. A trigger point: in the example below this is a web capture form, hosted on a website.
  2. A Group: People that fill in the form will be added to this group.
  3. A campaign for each communication that will be sent to contacts.

Build Web Capture Form

Build Web Capture Form

Under Tools > Web Capture build your Web Capture Form.

Obtain Link For Website

Obtain Link For Website

Within the form, go to Details and copy the 'Web Capture URL'.  You can use this link to iframe the form into your website.

Adding To Groups

Adding To Groups

When adding your submit button to the form, select an existing group for people to be added to, or create a new group at this point.

Build Each Campaign For Your Series

When building your campaigns, set the 'Action Type' as 'Campaign Series'. All other settings are the same as any standard campaign.

You may now initiate your campaigns.

Build The Campaign Series

Build The Campaign Series

The Campaign Series is built under Tools > Campaign Series.

Apply Your Settings

1. Select Your Group.

2. Set the Action Type.  Usually Refresh Non-recurring

3. Apply Start and End Dates.

4. Select your campaigns, one at a time and in sequence, and apply the desired offsets.

5. Once the 'Add' button is clicked, each campaign will appear below.

Initiate The Series

Click on the Initiate link to set the series as live.


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