Recipe: Follow-Up Campaign

What you'll need:

  1. Campaign 1 that is being sent to your audience.
  2. An action within your campaign that will trigger the follow-up campaign.
  3. Campaign 2 that is going to be sent as a follow-up (triggered by an action in your original campaign).

Full steps for creating Follow Up campaign can be found here.

Initiate The Follow-Up Campaign

Initiate The Follow-Up Campaign

You will need to create your follow-up campaign as usual, set its 'Type' as 'Follow Up Campaign' and initiate it.  A follow up campaign is initiated without an audience attached.

Build Your Original Campaign

Build Your Original Campaign

Build your original campaign as usual.

  1. Once tested go to the Follow Up tab.
  2. Type a name for your follow up rule.
  3. Click 'Attach Follow Up'.
  4. Select the Edit icon pencil next to the newly attached Follow Up.

Set Your Follow-Up Rules

  1. Apply your offset from when a contact receives the campaign e.g 7 days later.
  2. Set the Trigger Action e.g web page hit and the full URL.
  3. Select 'Other Campaign'
  4. Use the select button to select the follow up campaign that should be triggered.

Your follow up is now set and you may initiate your campaign as usual.