Using Stored Values

Stored Values are variable bits of information where the container (name) can be referred to in many places within a workflow.  This allows for great variation in content that members see, based on their unique value stored within the container.

You just need to refer to the container.

Creating Stored Values

Stored Values can be created by you by using the 'Store Contact Value' and 'Store Value' stages.

Store Contact Value will retrieve data from a contact field for each contact.

Store Value allows you to set a value against members that reach that stage.

Using Stored Values

Using Stored Values

Throughout the Workflow build you will see blue switches to the left of many input fields when you hover over them with your cursor.  By selecting this switch you are able to select a created stored value.  Workflow will then use this container, and supply the information provided inside of it for each individual member.


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