Creating a Single Sign On account

The idea with SSO is to give you a unified site to securely access all your CommuniGator products under one login.
When you login to SSO, you will be able to attach individual product logins for any of the following: GatorMail,GatorLeads,GatorExpress, GatorSocial, GatorDocs (and more). The SSO dashboard allows for your marketing automation needs.

**It does not matter if you only use one of our products and have one login for it or if you have multiple logins for multiple products. All of it can be attached to your SSO account. **

Signon URL -

Single Account

If you have only attached one account, clicking on the product will take you straight to that account.

Screenshot shows SSO top menu with all products accessible.

Multiple Accounts

If you have attached multiple accounts, clicking on the product will offer a list of those accounts for you to choose between.

Screenshot shows SSO top menu with multiple accounts of GatorMail as drop down.

Creating an account

Go to

  1. Click on Create An Account

Note - You should ideally use the same email address which is associated with your GatorMail/GatorLeads/etc username, as SSO will search for your accounts by using this address. If the email addresses do not match, SSO will not automatically find your accounts and you will have to add them manually, including putting in the password. 

To find out what your email address is in Gatormail, navigate to 'Your Details' at the top-right of the screen. To find out in GatorLeads, navigate to Admin -> Client Admin -> Manage Users. 

It is important to use your own company email address; SSO will not allow you to use gmail, hotmail or other personal email clients.

Enter your details

  1. Enter your first name
  2. Enter your sirname
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Enter your company name
  5. Create a password
  6. This shows the strength of your password (not all have to be green ticks, this is just a guide)
  7. Confirm your password
  8. Recaptcha
  9. Click Create
  10. When you click create this message will appear

Activating Account

You will receive an email to activate your SSO account; click on the link provided. If your email doesn't arrive, please check your junk folder first, then contact the support team. 

Clicking the link in the email will activate your account

  1. Click here to log in

Logging in

  1. Enter the correct credentials (this is the username and password you have just created for SSO, not your GatorMail or GatorLeads password). 
  2. Login

Associating your accounts

Associating your accounts
  1. To associate all your accounts click 'account wizard'

Please note that once you have associated your accounts with SSO, if you change your password, this will also change the passwords for all the associated accounts. This can cause issues if you are using a shared login. 

This will pick up all the accounts that are associated with your email address. Select all then click 'Attach.'

If SSO does not discover your accounts on its own, this is likely because the username/email used for SSO does not match the one in your GatorMail/GatorLeads account. To attach the account manually, hit the 'plus' button, put in your credentials for the relevant account and hit 'attach.' 


This is now how your Single Sign On dashboard will look

Home Page

Home Page

1. To add an account as your home account if you have multiple instances, double click and click on the home icon.

If you wish to delete an account, double click and click on the bin icon

2. Click the tick icon to save your changes


Whenever you now log in to SSO you will go direct to your products and still have dashboard access from the right hand menu within SSO…