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Workflow Exercise One: Entry-Campaign-Exit

In this exercise we look at introducing you to a basic Workflow using a Gator group entry, a single campaign action and an exit

Workflow Example:

Step 1. (New Workflow)

Step 1. (New Workflow)

1. Create a new Workflow

Note: It is possible to clone an existing Workflows or use a template.

Step 2. (Entry)

1. Select a GatorMail Group Entry and drag and drop on to the canvas.

2. Create a group using your full name and EX1 e.g. Elliott Palmer EX1.

Step 3. (Send Email Campaign)

Step 3. (Send Email Campaign)

1. Select 'Send Email Campaign' and drag and drop on to the canvas.

2. Select the Communigator campaign 'Gator Workflow One'  and click 'OK'

Note: If you are an integrated customer your campaign will still be sent over via the integration to be used for Workflow



Step 4. (Exit)

1. Select 'Exit' and drag and drop on to the canvas

2. Do not provide an exit value.

Note: We can use the exit value at a later date to be the entry point of another Workflow but It is optional, it is recommended only to do so if required.

Step 5. (Save)

Step 5. (Save)

1. Click on Save

2. Provide the name of your Workflow using your full name and exercise One e.g. Elliott Palmer EX1

3. Provide your email address and the trainers email address in to 'Test Email Addresses'

4. Click save

Step 6. (Move to folder)

Step 6. (Move to folder)

1. Select Edit Workflow

2/3. Move your Workflow to the 'Workflow training' folder & Click OK


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