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Workflow Exercise Four: Entry-Campaign Journey-Go To Stage-Exit

In this exercise we look at introducing you to a basic campaign journey

Example of the completed Workflow:

Example of the completed Workflow:

Step 1. (New Workflow)

1. Create a new Workflow and save it with your full name EX4 e.g. Elliott Palmer EX4.

2. Drag and drop a 'GatorMail Group Entry', select the trainers group in the list e.g. Elliott - Workflow or Neil - Workflow.

Step 2. (Campaign Journey)

1. Drag and drop a 'Campaign Journey' on to the canvas.

2. Add the description of 'Hints & Tips 1 to 5'

3. Click 'Add Campaign' and attach Gator Workflow One to Five to the journey

4. Click OK

NOTE: You will return to this stage later in order to assign a completion stage.

Step 3. (Add a wait)

1. Drag and drop a wait on to the canvas

2. Set the wait for 7 days

3. Drag and drop a 'Go To Stage' on to the canvas.

4. Select 'Campaign Journey (Hints & Tips 1 to 5) from the drop down menu

5. Click OK

Step 4. (Exit & Complete stage)

Step 4. (Exit & Complete stage)

1. Drag and drop an exit stage on to the canvas. Do not assign an exit value and ok the stage.

Note: It is optional to supply an exit value, it is recommended only to do so if required.

2. Now return to the campaign journey stage and set the completion stage to the exit stage

Note: A campaign journey requires a completion stage, this could be an exit as in this exercise, however you could use a notification or add contacts to a group.


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