Tracked Mailto: Links

This article takes you through creating a tracked mailto link within GatorCreator, allowing you to report on email responses along side your normal website tracking, document links etc...

Step One

1. Highlight the required click through text
2. Click insert link/mailto link

Step Two

1. 'Hyperlink' tab, this is selected by default
2. Provide the required mailto: address (note: on applying mailto: within the link address bar the properties of the page will change and display 'Tracked Mail To')

Note for further tracking:
It is possible to add further code to the mailto: link to provide not only the address but the subject and body text; You are able to include spaces within the body text by adding %20 between each word, please see the example below. inquiry&Body=I%20would%20like%20to%20register%20my%20event%20interest

3. Select the 'Tracked Mail To' check  box
4. Provide your 'Link Description'
5. Click 'Insert'

Note for non-tracked links:
The 'MAILTO' tab struck out in the image above and below, can be used but only if you wish to create non-tacked links.



The only negative out come to creating tracked mailto links is that it will open a blank browser window/ tab on launching the new email reply, see below.


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