Question types

Questions overview

There are a number of question types available for you to use to build your survey. In this article, we will show you what they are, with examples and how they look.

Short text

Ideal for single line answers

Button Selection

Answers are buttons to select in response

Single Choice

Single choice is the same as radio buttons

Select from the dropdown list of answers

Multiple Choice

Choose a selection of answers by ticking the boxes

Input Grid

An example of how you might use an input grid

Priority List

Drag and drop to rearrange the answers


Distribute a number between the options

A preview of how this looks


Select a number to rate the response

Example of this question type in preview mode


Choose a date as the answer to the question


Use of a time question

Star Rating

Select the number of ratings and chosen icons to use

Preview of star rating question

Web Address

Preview of web address question

Email Text

Example of the email text question type