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Creating a Double Metric Group

Adding a New Group

  1. Audience Tab 'Groups'
  2. Add New Group
  1. Add Group Name
  2. Create New Group

Adding your First Rule

  1. Add rule. This will bring up the Rule pop-up box.

The Rules Setup Pop-up

The Rules Setup Pop-up
  1. Rule Type - this example we have 'Campaign Rule'
  2. Action - this example we have 'Opened Email'
  3. Add Rule

A completed rule

  1. The completed rule
  2. The count of contacts that hit the rule conditions
  3. A rule can be changed at any time by pressing the edit pencil
  4. You can delete a rule using the delete button

Now repeat the add rule process to add a second, third, fourth or even fifth rule. A rule can be changed at any time by pressing the pencil shown in the left.

The type of different rules that you can get:

  • Campaign Rule - ¬†actions from campaigns
  • Contact Rule - contact records - example country 'is equal to' United Kingdom
  • Survey Rule - list of people who have answered a survey question in a particular way.
  • Lead Score Rule - GatorMail Lead Score (Red Hot, Warm, Mild, Cold)
  • Event Rule - actions from event (Booked)
  • Article Rule - list of people who have received a certain article.

And/Or Condition

  1. Finally once all the rules have been added make sure your operators or conditions have been set up correctly. Using 'and' will ensure that both criteria need to be matched for a contact to be included in the group. Using 'or' will mean that a contact simply need to match one of the criteria to be included.