How to Import a CSV

If you are not integrated with a CRM then you will need to import contacts to your database via CSV.

Importing a CSV

  1. Click Audience.
  2. Select Import CSV.

Creating a New CSV Import

  1. Click Import New CSV
  2. Give your Import a name
  3. Click Add, the screen will then refresh.

Selecting a CSV file

  1. Click select and browser for the file you wish to upload
  2. Upload file.

Mapping the fields

Mapping the fields

In order for the system to import the fields on the CSV you must tell it where to import them to. So the CSV headers are on the right hand side and the System fields on the left. The Email Address is always imported into the EmailLogin field.

If you are going to use the same header row on your CSV imports then it would be worth while entering a Mapping Name so that you don't have to pick from the drop downs each time, however this is not mandatory.

Importing to a Group

The most efficient way to import is to Import to a Group, this means you only have to import the audience once but you can attach it to as many campaigns as you like.

To import to a group:

  1. Select an existing group from the select Group option or create a new group to import to.
  2. If creating a new group to import to then enter the group name (and description if you wish) and then hit create group.

Once you have created a new group the new group will be automatically selected and you can click process to finish your Import.

Advanced Options

The advanced options on the CSV are broken into two parts the first is the option to set all the contacts to either be sent only HTML emails or only Text emails.

The second section gives you more options as to the type of import that you can do.

  • Import to Group - this imposts the contacts into the group so that they can be included in your Audience.
  • Import to Group (Exclusion) - This imports the contacts to a group but removes them from the group you are importing too. Example - you may be emailing a group of people but want to exclude everyone who has booked your event, therefore you would import the bookers as an exclusion taking them out of your audience.
  • Direct Import - This import allows you to update contact records only and does not assign the contacts into a group or audience.
  • CSV Import Attribute - With CSV Import Attribute selected you can enter a word or phrase to create a group for the contacts about to be imported. This can then be used in Campaign Audience tab when defining the audience selection criteria. If this field is left blank the contacts will only be imported into the database and not assigned directly to a Group.
  • Campaign Assignment - With the Campaign Assignment selected you can choose a Campaign from the system. This will automatically assign the contacts about to be imported to the audience selection criteria of the Campaign. If this field is left blank the contacts will only be imported into the database and not assigned directly to a Campaign.

IMPORTANT: If you encounter any issues uploading your CSV file please contact


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