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Campaign - Moving a campaign into a folder

Moving a Campaign is important as it will allow you to create a structure for your campaigns and also make them easy to locate.

This guide will show you how to move a campaign in 3 easy steps:

Selecting the campaign

Selecting the campaign
  1. Click the check box next to the campaign(s) you wish to move

Moving the campaign

Moving the campaign
  1. Right click on the folder you wish to move your campaign to
  2. Select 'Move Selected Items'


Sharon Bennett

I have followed these instructions but the selected campaign does not move to the target folder

Neil Mullarkey

Hi Sharon, if you're selecting the checkbox next to the item and it's not moving after you've carried out the action on the folder you're moving it to, then there may be a setting that needs changing in your browser. If you're still having the problem please email our support team and someone will be in touch to resolve the issue for you.


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