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How to create a text version of an email

In CommuniGator we have two versions of the email you create. An HTML version and a text version.

Even though only a small part of your audience will receive the text email, if you do not create a text email they will receive a blank email, causing confusion.

Creating one ensures that your whole audience receive the correct communication with you and what you are marketing.


Creating the Email.

Creating the Email.
  1. Create the Email within CommuniGator by going into the creative email tab.

Adding the Email

Adding the Email
  1. Add a new email.

Creating the Text Version

  1. Once you have created your HTML version if you click on the 'TEXT' tab

Copying the HTML

Copying the HTML
  1. Once in the text email clicking this icon on the right hand side of the editor will create a text version of your HTML email.

Tracked Links

  1. NOTE: note that in a text version, tracked links will display as above. If you want the link to display as a friendly link you will have to manually type within the text version and the link will not be trackable. e.g.


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