Naming Images and Folder

In this article we will take a quick look at image and folder naming conventions.


When rendering the HTML in your email, an email client will look at the links and images to find any possible threatening content. Because of this, it is important when inserting an image into your email that you name it appropriately.

Certain words and naming conventions will increase the spam score of that file. An obvious example would be naming an image with any inappropriate or expletive language. A more likely scenario would be a spelling mistake/grammatical error. Other factors such as spaces, symbols will also increase the spam score, making it more likely the image will be blocked.

When naming your images make sure you stick to these three naming conventions.

  1. Make sure there are no spaces in the name
  2. Make sure that the image is named appropriately and spelled correctly
  3. Make sure the name contains Alphabetic and numeric characters only

The same conventions also apply to the folders within CommuniGator. This is because the file path is shown within the images associated link . Any badly or inappropriately named folders names could be flagged as spam as a result of bad naming conventions.