How to embed images

Commercial e-mail messages often contain images, graphics and other design elements. When a message is sent in the HTML format, images used in the message body can be either linked or embedded.

Linked images are not part of the message itself. They are usually hosted by the message sender and referenced in the message body via an <IMG> tag pointing to the sender's server, as follows:

<img src="">

Unlike linked images, embedded images are part of the message itself. An embedded image is also referenced in a message body using an <IMG> tag, but also contains an ID, as follows:

<img src="" id="EMBEDIMAGE">

A message with embedded images can be viewed off-line and remains intact over time, as images are permanently attached to the body.

How to Embed an Image

How to Embed an Image

Firstly, you will need to insert an image into your email design. The Image Manager can be used to upload or insert images into the editor. Images can not be inserted from your local PC, they must be uploaded into CommuniGator.

  1. Place the cursor in the correct position of where you want the image inserted
  2. Click on the Image Manager icon and select the required image from the list and click insert.
  3. To change the image to an embedded image, please highlight the image itself and locate to the 'Embed Image' icon within the editor.


Advantages and Disadvantages of using Embedded Images

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Embedded Images


Recipients will see the images instantly in the preview pane of the inbox and does not need to perform any extra action to view the e-mail as intended.

Recipients working offline or at certain shielded companies will still be able to see the images.


Spam filters look for embedded images and often give you a higher spam score for embedding images in email.

Some e-mail clients see the images as attachments. They will not show them in the e-mail, but only as downloadable items which will affect your email layout.


We strongly advise using linked images rather than embedded because:

  1. The email will be smaller in size.
  2. Spam score is reduced.
  3. Email is more likely to be displayed as intended.