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Custom Links for Personalising your Content

You may be familiar with the concept of "mail merge" within computer applications. Mail merge allows information that you hold about an individual to be included within the body of a document - in this case an email or landing zone. CommuniGator can have personalisation attributing to information that you hold on individuals included within them.

Inserting a Custom Link

  1. place your cursor where you would like the data to go within your email.
  2. click on the custom link drop down.
  3. select the relevant field from the drop down, in this example FirstName.

Custom Link

Custom Link

This will then insert the custom link for you.

When the email is sent the contacts FirstName will be inserted into the email from the data held within CommuniGator. When sending a test email the data that is inserted here will be that of the contact you are mimicking not necessarily that of the person the test is being sent to.


Josela Renardson

How do I add a default to customisation? For example, if I ask the customisation to pull through the first name, and if some of my data doesn't have a first name I may want to set a default.

Kia Irving

Hi Josela, I'd recommend using the salutation tool. You can find that on the right-hand side toolbar, it's the yellow speech bubble icon.

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