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GatorLeads - Outlook PURL - 1 to 1 personalised tracking

The new Outlook PURL feature based on GatorLeads PURL builder to create a tracking link to a destination URL that can alert you when the recipient has clicked.

If you log in to your email online (outlook OWA) then follow the steps to set up. This will then once complete, automatically install this into your outlook client on desktop (Mac and Windows!)

Step One

1. Outlook Web - On the right hand side click the settings button and click 'Manage add-ins'
   Or Outlook Desk Top - If you are running outlook desktop only and not OWA you need to go to store button on outlook ribbon bar

Step Two & Three

2. Click 'click here to add a custom add-in'

3. Add the following URL to the popup box

Step Four

4. Now when you add a new email you will see the gator at bottom of screen to access the Outlook PURL

Step Five

5. Add your configuration,

Username and password is the same as your SSO account or gatorleads account.

Client id is found in your Gatorleads account, its the unique ID found in admin/client admin/embed tracking in gatorleads (see screen shot below)

Step Six

6. You can now add an email (or it takes it from first contact in the To: list), then add a destination URL and click create for short link in the email content.


You can edit the configuration at any time.


Good to Know!


Behind the scenes you will get UTMs created as:

UTM Source: LeadPURL

UTM Medium: 1to1

UTM Campaign: Name of Sender - this way you can track usage by staff


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