Topics Tab

The Topics tab is where you can add key search terms to search through twitter feeds. You are able to view any tweets with these key words in, you are then able to re-tweet or reply to theses followers.

The Blog section gives you the ability to add up to 3 RSS feeds, this pulls through articles which you are able to share to your social networks.

The 'Topics' Tab can be found under the 'Publishing' Tab in GatorSocial

Topics Tab

Topics Tab
  1. Click on the publishing tab
  2. Click on topics

Adding in your search terms

Keyword Search on Twitter

  1. Click on the Edit button on the top of the Twitter Search Bar
  2. Add in your Key Words
  3. Update
Keyword Search on Twitter
  1. Your Key Words
  2. Twitter posts relating to your Key Words
  3. Reply to user
  4. Reply to user and all users tagged in post
  5. Retweet post


RSS Feed

  1. Click on Edit on top of Blogs bar
  2. Add in your RSS feed link
  3. Update



The Blogs, show live RSS feeds from the blogs that you have selected.

  1. Click to post the article
  2. Schedule post to go out or post straight away


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