Topics Tab

The Topics tab is where you can see the content results for the keywords you entered during setup. There are three columns; one for social activity, one for any blogs you connected with RSS feeds and one for news stories found that relate to the keywords.

The 'Topics' Tab can be found at the same place as the 'Competitors' tab (see bellow).

Topics Tab

  1. Click on the reporting tab
  2. Click on topics

Keyword Search on Twitter

1) Allows you to view all the current tweets regarding your chosen topics.

2) Allows you to reply to the Tweets

3) Allows you to reply to all (everyone whose mentioned in the tweet)

4) Allows you to re-tweet the tweet, but also view how many people have re-tweeted the tweet.

5) You can also click any links that appear in the Tweet.

6) If you click on the clog it opens up a new window and allows you to enter new search terms.




The Blogs, show live RSS feeds from the blogs that you have selected.

1) Allows you to click on the link which will take you to that Blog post, which means you can gain more insight in the blog post.

2) The Facebook option allows you to share it on your Facebook page

3) The Twitter option allows you to Tweet the Blog

4) The LinkedIn option allows you to post it to your LinkedIn Page.

5) The clog allows you to replace the current RSS Blogs that you currently have selected.


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