The Calendar Screen

This help guide will provide you with information regarding the calender function in CommuniGator. The calender function is a useful tool which shows you the status of the campaign.


By default the Calendar page will view the campaigns ran on a weekly basis. As you can see from the Calendar example you can see that the campaign is repeated every day of this the month of November this is because the campaign is a refresh non-reccuring campaign. You will also notice that some of the dates are a darker grey colour, by clicking the more tab it will show you a list of the campaigns that got sent out on that day (please see step below).

Calendar By Day

Once you have clicked the more button you will be able to view the campaigns that sent/are due to send that day as you can see the day Calendar looks at each hour of the day so if you have a campaign that is due/sent out at 4am it would appear in the 4am tab.  

If you would like to view the results of one of the campaigns simply click on the campaign name- this will then direct you through to the campaign results page.

Colour Codes:

Campaign In Setup

Blue = Campaign In Setup

Red = Campaign/Follow Up Queued

Orange = Campaign/Follow Up Active

Green = Campaign/Follow Up Finished


In the far left hand corner if you are searching by day/ month you have the option to go back to the previous day/week/month depending on what criteria you are filtering out by. on the right hand side you are able to search by day, week, Month or timeline - the timeline option looks at the three days.