Home Page

The Home page is an information hub containing an array of helpful content. The top of the page shows information relevant to the account.

Account Information


  1. Start Date - The date the account became active
  2. Contract Volume - The Mail amount available to be sent
  3. YTD Volume - The amount of mail sent within the length of the current contract

Product Information

The Home Page also contains links to several helpful CommuniGator pages.

  1. Gator Express - Provides basic information about GatorExpress, product reviews and further links to other web pages
  2. Gator Training - Displays the various stages of training that we provide at CommuniGator
  3. Live Support Stats - Shows updated support stats such as the percentage of tickets resolved within SLA

      (Continued below)

Product Information - Continued

  1. The Gator Blog - Here you can find many interesting, informative and varied Blog posts to help with your day-to-day marketing strategy
  2. Help Center - Brings you to the CommuniGator help area. Provides help for all CommuniGator-related problems 
  3. GatorMail - Provides further links to the help page and gator training videos