Inserting a Calendar Link

Calendar links can be inserted for Outlook 2007+, Outlook 2003, Google or Yahoo so the recipient can add your event to their calendar.

Inserting a Calendar Link

  1. Highlight the text you would like to add the Calendar to.
  2. Click the Insert Calendar Link icon on the right hand side of the Editor.

Configuring the Event/Meeting Details for the Calendar Link

Configuring the Event/Meeting Details for the Calendar Link
  1. If it is an Event/Meeting that you have created previously then you can select it from the Existing drop down and the previous details will be pre-populated for you.
  2. Insert the name of you Event/Meeting
  3. Select the type of Calendar Link you would like to create. All Email Clients work differently and insist on different configurations for the link to work.
  4. Enter the start date and time of the Event/Meeting.
  5. Enter the End Date and time of the Event/Meeting.
  6. Enter the Priority of the Event/Meeting.
  7. Enter the Location of the Evetn/Meeting.
  8. Enter the Description of the Event/Meeting.
  9. If this is an Event Confirmation that you have created within the platform using the Event tool then tick this box.
  10. Once you are happy click insert to finish and insert the link.


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