How to Insert Dynamic Images into an Email

There are three ways that this can be done:


1. Use Dynamic content Block – ok for say up to 5 rules

Add a dynamic content block to email with rules that say ‘if cardname=VISA etc’ then add the visa image to the editor


2. Pass full image and path in CSV field – good for larger rules

Add an image to the email and go to the html source, so firstly you would see this

<img src=>

Then instead of the image add this:

<img src=#[Content/Person/CardImage]#>

Now when you upload csv for contacts, if the person’s CardImage field holds the image url which in my case is then it will change for each contact


3. Pass part of image and path in CSV field

This method is same as 2) but you can just cut down the content sent in the CSV:

<img src=[Content/Person/CardImage]#.jpg>

so if the person’s cardname field name just held MovingTruck then it would again change for each person