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How to Create a MailTo link with a Subject Line & Body text

This article shows how to add a MailTo Link to your email, which will automatically launch a new email including the subject line and body text when clicked.

NB: Mailto links are not trackable in your campaign results

Hyperlink Manager

  1. Highlight the link text
  2. Click on Hyperlink Manager (NOT the tracked links button on the right-hand side of the editor)
  3. Select the Email Tab
  4. Type in the email address
  5. Type in the subject line
  6. Click OK

Tracked Email Link

  1. Highligh the selected text
  2. Click insert web link
  3. Remove the http:// and replace it with mailto: followed by the email address (e.g.

Adding the subject line

  1. Add to the ?subject= followed by the subject line  (e.g.
  2. As you can see when sending a test this populates the subject line

Mail to Body Text

Mail to Body Text

The mail to body text is added after the subject line of the same link as shown in the screen shot above. After the subject line type "&body=" then your message. You are able to include spaces within the body text by adding  %20 between each word. This results in the mail shown below.

The finished article



Very useful information. I think this article needs updating to show the URL which is also opened when you open the link. I was told this happens with tracked links only.

Neil Mullarkey

Thanks Ellie.

You're correct, that using a tracked link within this article will also open a browser tab in the background in order to launch the email message.

Should you not want this to happen you would follow the same steps within the article but use the Hyperlink Manager icon in the editor instead. This will prevent the browser tab from opening, but will mean that the link won't be tracked.

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