How to Create an HTML Button-Style Link

Because a lot of email clients don't download images automatically, it's best to keep your links as text.

This article will show you how to create an HTML based button link.

The table

You need to create a table for your text link to sit inside of, so create a table with the following attributes:

  • 1 row
  • 1 column
  • 8px cell padding

The text

The text

Type your link text inside of this table

Add your link

Add your link

Apply your link to the text:

  1. Highlight your text
  2. Select the 'Insert Web Link' option from the right-hand side of the editor
  3. Type in your link
  4. Click 'Insert'

Select your link table

Select your link table

Select the table that contains your linked text

Apply a background colour to the table

  • Whilst the table is selected navigate down to the paint bucket in the footer bar of the editor
  • Select the colour you want your button to be
  • Click the colour to apply it to your table


Style link text

Now you need to select your linked text and apply a colour to this too so it stands out against your button

If you need help doing this please check out our 'Changing Link Colour' article