Snapshot Manager User Guide

Snapshot manager is new functionality in the html editor that protects the end user from losing their work.  Snapshots are taken automatically and whenever the user saves their creative.  

A configurable number of snapshots are kept per design, and a configurable interval between the automatic snapshots can be set.  By default this will be 10 snapshots and one every 5 minutes.  When the next snapshot is made it will overwrite the oldest one.  By default the date and time is saved into the name of snapshot.  

To help the user even further single snapshots can be protected so that they are never overwritten by the auto snapshot.  More than one can be protected so that the user can keep important milestones within the design should they need to.  Or perhaps they just broke the design by making a change.  This will now mean they can see each snapshot and revert to the last good one.

If the user wants to revert a snapshot the system will first take another snapshot of what they are about to revert from and mark it as protected.  That way there is no danger what was the latest is ever overwritten by further snapshots.  

All snapshots save both the current HTML and TEXT version, thus any revert will revert both of these.

Snapshots are saved showing the username of the user that it was created for.  As well as for informational purposes, it actually is also used to stop anyone other than that user from unprotecting snapshots not created by them.  Customers that have multiple users can therefore protect snapshots that remain there until only they say otherwise.  Or better use perhaps, when we deliver a template from design, we can protect a snapshot of it that the customer can never overwrite.

Please note the snapshot manager is a replacement of the old auto save popup within the email editor.  

Snapshot manager is available at the following places…

  • Emails
  • Landing Zones
  • Email Templates
  • LZ Templates
  • Web Capture

Where is it?

In the editor Snapshot Manager is on the top menu.

Basic Navigation

On click of the Snapshot Manager you will get a popup showing the latest snapshot that has been taken.  

Actions available are…

  1. Click Show all Snapshots to get to a list of all snapshots for the current design.
  2. Click on the Left / Right arrows (or use left / right keys of the keyboard) to cycle through previews of each snapshot for the current design.
  3. Click Preview / HTML / TEXT to flip between looking at just that of the selected snapshot.
  4. Click on the Star icon to protect the selected snapshot.
  5. Click on the Name of the snapshot, or the Pencil icon, to rename the current snapshot.  Do this to name it something more sensible perhaps?
  6. Click on the Revert button to set the design back to that of the selected snapshot.

Show All Snapshots

On click of the Show all Snapshots a list of all snapshots for the current design will slide down.  You can see the protected status of each, its name, the date taken, whether it was a manual save or autosave and the user who the snapshot was created against.

Actions available are…

  1. Click on any Row within the grid to open the Preview of that snapshot.
  2. Click Outside the slide down list of snapshots to collapse it and therefore get taken back to the Preview of the snapshot the user was on before.