How to change the colour of a hyperlink

This article shows you how to change the colour of a hyperlink without having to go into the HTML code.

Add a hyperlink

  1. Highlight the text that you would like a hyperlink attached to.
  2. Click insert web link button (just like you would normally when adding a tracked link).
  3. Add the link and alias
  4. Insert

Select the hyperlink

Select the hyperlink

Once you have added the link to the selected text, place your cursor on the hyperlink as in the example above. Do not highlight the link - simply place the cursor somewhere in the text.

Select the colour

Select the colour

After placing your cursor on the hyperlink click on the 'A' icon (foreground colour) this appears at the top of the editor (see screenshot above). This allows you to select the colour that you would like to use.


Debby Dawson

Finally - this has always been a problem, especially if you want to reiterate a link. Thank you...

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