Hyperlink Manager

Although we do not recommend using the hyperlink manager to insert links (due to links not being tracked in GatorMail) it does have some other uses such as: Inserting mailto links and inserting anchor tags.

We recommend using it for mailto links because tracked mailto links will open a blank window in addition to a new email. By using the hyperlink manager it will open a blank email with the to address completed.

The hyperlink manager is not just useful for adding links but you can also use it for tool tips and and targets for tracked links.

Where to find the Hyperlink manager

The hyperlink manager appears in the top tool bar and as you can see is highlighted in the screenshot above.

Managing hyperlinks from the breadcrumb

Managing hyperlinks from the breadcrumb

If you highlight the URL you will be able to access the hyperlink below the breadcrumb.  You can also change the option without opening the hyperlink manager. See the above image which demonstrates this.

Hyperlink Manager

Hyperlink Manager
  1. URL - If you would like to insert a non tracked hyperlink enter the URL or the mailto address, please note if this is being used for an email address you will need to enter "mailto:" before you enter the email address.
  2. Insert Document - If you would like to attach a non-tracked document then click this button and select from the CommuniGator libary the file that you would like to attach, please note we do have the option to insert tracked document links.
  3. Link Text - If you are placing the hyperlink over the text then this is where you enter the text, if you have already highlighted the text that you wish to hyperlink this should appear within the link text text box.
  4. The Link ID
  5. Target - If you would like to have control over how the link opens click on the target option, this will then provide you with a drop down of the different options, some of the options are: Same window, new widow etc...
  6. Existing Anchor - If you have set up anchor tags then you can select the anchor tag that you would like to use. A anchor tag is:The HTML code for creating a link to another page or to a particular section within a page. The majority of email clients do not support anchor tags within emails, but if you are using the hyperlink manager on a Landing Zone page this should work.
  7. Tooltip - A tool tip is a message which appears when a cursor is positioned over an icon, image, hyperlink, or other element in a graphical user interface. If you would like to insert text to identify the icon, image or hyperlink then you can enter the text you would like ot appear when hyperlinked.
  8. CSS Class - If you have a CSS sheet attached to the design you can select the CSS reference that you would like to use, this means you don't need to go into the HTML code and reference it this way. Please note some email clients will ignore the CSS code.


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