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Multiple User Accounts vs Single Account

The advantages of having distinct User Accounts.  

Multiple User Accounts vs Single Account

1.In a situation where a company uses a Single User Account for everyone who works on CommuniGator, if one of the users forgets the password and resets it all the other users will lose access, affecting their work flow.

In this situation, if the password reset is not communicated throughout the company more users will try to reset the password so they can resume their work, this will cause a number of password reset requests locking the account and affecting the productivity.

If we take the above situation but it is a personal user account, when that user resets his/hers password no one else in the company will be affected.

Traceability - Campaigns

1. Multiple user accounts will allow CommuniGator to find out, if necessary, which user has initiated a campaign.


Traceability - Emails

Traceability - Emails

1. Using the snapshot manager, this auto saves ten shots.

2.You are able to see which user was on the email during this save.The change can be traced back to the user.

See 'How to add a new user'


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