Setting up a custom sending domain & secure HTTPs

CommuniGator has a few options for your Sender E-Mail Address so you can control what your recipients see as they read your messages. The ability to use your own domain or sub-domain (aka web address), allows you to retain your own branding and still take full advantage of CommuniGator’s robust message handling.

Please review the instructions below if you would like to add a custom domain to your CommuniGator instance.

Contact your Account Manager

Please contact your account manager and explain that you would like a new custom sending domain to be added to your instance.

1. Your account manager should be displayed on the top banner of CommuniGator to the left of your username. You can also contact the account management team on 01483 411 911 or email 

Contact the CommuniGator Support Desk

Contact the CommuniGator Support Desk

You will need to obtain the Domain Setup guide from the CommuniGator.

CommuniGator do have the ability to set your custom domain up as a secure HTTPs domain, with secure HTTPs please get in touch with your account manager or our support team.  

This guide details how to setup a new domain/subdomain to work with CommuniGator. If you are unsure of the steps outlined in the guide, please speak to your IT department or, for help and advice do not hesitate to contact

Send information to CommuniGator

Finally email CommuniGator at with:

  • Newly created domain/sub domain name.
  • The domain keys which are created from Step 2.



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