CommuniGator Domain and HTTPs Setup Guide

The following guide details how to set up a new domain/subdomain to work with CommuniGator.

CommuniGator do have the ability to set your custom domain up as a secure HTTPs domain, with secure HTTPs please get in touch with your account manager or our support team.  

Purchase a Custom Domain

First you must purchase a custom domain. Please follow the steps in the Domain Set Up Guide to do so

If your domain is in the form of a https, and has web capture forms then please follow the steps below:

Change your Record

Change your A Record to point at the IP of your custom domain. It should have the number of

Contact Support!

Email CommuniGator Support on and provide us with the domain name and the text file from, during domain set up. We will change the landing zone url for you.

Change your Sending Domain

Change the sending domain by using the web capture form.

To do this head to your GatorMail instance.

1. Select Tools

2. Then web capture.

This brings up the list of web captures you have for your GatorMail instance.

For the next steps you will do one or the other. The icon shown on your web capture form, this will be on the far right, determines this.

It will either be:

1. An iFrame or

2. A submission url


1. Select the iFrame web capture, then the 'Details' tab.

2. Select the 'Web Capture URL' and type in the https url to match the one for your sending domain.

Make sure that it reads as https:// instead of http://

Submission URL

1. Click on the Tools tab

2. Select 'Web Capture'

3. Select submission url from the list on the left hand side.

4. Here you will see a list of submission urls, these match your domains and corresponding url''s.
   Here you can change the url to match that of the sending domain.


Now that your domain/sub-domain has been created you can use it on your site.

The purpose for creating your domain/sub-domain is simple: it is used to create a unique address for your site. This allows no one else to register a domain with the same name, and allows people from your company to have an email unique to that domain.

For CommuniGator this is essential if you want to send email campaigns, have a website with Gator Leads, and many more functions that allow the product to perform at it's peak.

If you are unsure of the steps outlined in this guide, please speak to your IT department or, for help and advice do not hesitate to contact