GatorMail - v7.4.0 - April 2018

What's New

- Export Management - The Export Management screen allows users to see and download all exports throughout the system.  It works off an approval basis where non UserAdmins will have to be approved to download the exports.

- Notification System - A new notification system that will alert you about key system events that take place.  As of this release only notifications for finished exports are shown but it will be expanded upon soon.

- GDPR - Compliance with GDPR regulations for May 2018 including:

- Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF).

- Subject Access Request (SAR).

- Contact change audit.

- All exports from the system force approval and audit.

- Confirmed Opt In (COI), now supporting multiple consent fields.

- API endpoints to support both RTBF, SAR and COI.

- Multiple Confirmed Opt In (COI) - As mentioned above for GDPR, you can create multiple COIs for multiple consent fields.

What's Enhanced:

- Unsubscribe + Confirmed Opt In - We have added functionality to unsubscribes so they can be linked to your Confirmed Opt In (COI).  When the unsubscribe process is completed it will reset the COI too.  If you have multiple COI fields you can control specific COI's to reset as well as resetting all of them.

What's Fixed

- [04864-C2R5:3521] - Updated the location breakdown for campaign results so the country lookup is more accurate.
- [12433-L4M7:3850] - Fixed an issue with newly creating campaigns not applying the campaign close default.
- [14418-C3V9:3948] - Added mandatory and hidden fields for the form capture setup.
- [19032-P7F2:4134] - Added a delete button to Selected Fields list so users can remove fields which have their contact fields deleted.
- [19303-B2F8:4151] - Fixed an issue with GatorCreator emails not using the alias set in email tab of campaign.
- [19370-X1W5:4150] - Added support for multiple recaptcha's on the same form.
- [19722-H1S4:4174] - Fixed an issue decrypting tracked links if the encrypted string started with "05".
- [20115-J2B4:4175] - Fixed an issue on the product home screen with the height and scroll bars when using Chrome.
- [21352-W4W6:4217] - Added support for the versions of business addresses in web capture forms.
- [21600-L8B0:4230] - You can now disable contact pre-population for landing zones.

- [21653-Z0T7:4290] - Fixed an issue with the preview link in approval emails not working.
- [Internal:3836] - Updated contact handling to comply with GDPR.
- [Internal:3865] - Added DataSync validation for the sync name so it is clear if you have used the same name more than once, that it will add contacts to the same group.
- [Internal:3807] - Added folder positions to the session state to remember where you were if you move around products via SSO.
- [Internal:4018] - Fixed an issue when converting GatorCreator emails to GatorMail with big spacing between paragraphs shown in some versions of Outlook.
- [Internal:4138] - Removed the check for key "ContactFieldsBlockedFromUpdates" when inserting contacts in the SDK, DataSync and integration.  It should only be used for updates.
- [Internal:4139] - Added validation to the unsubscribe page that on save validates if any other unsubscribe exists where the same field is used but has different values.
- [Internal:4142] - Added undeliverable default integration field mappings for the Workbooks integrations (sync and mail shot)
- [Internal:4157] - Changed the Salesforce web service to point at endpoint instead of
- [Internal:4158] - Added some extra information to the industry benchmark page explaining how the numbers are calculated for the current month.
- [Internal:4171] - Add validation and error logging for confirmation opt in email notifications.
- [Internal:4172] - Added the ability to export unsubscribe events from the unsubscribe grid screen. You can now export events for individual unsubscribes (buttons in grid row) or events across all unsubscribes (button on the menu bar).
- [Internal:4173] - Updated the list of inbox checker previews, for example removing iOS9 and adding iOS11.
- [Internal:4177] - Fixed an issue with integration queue records for the same contact not inserting if another lead record already exists from a different source (web capture, sdk etc).
- [Internal:4195] - Added masking of the email address to all areas of confirmed opt in.
- [Internal:4205] - Fixed an issue saving changes to a web capture "Send Campaign" option.
- [Internal:4212] - Fixed an issue with click and opens loading the wrong data in the campaign graphs.
- [Internal:4213] - Fixed an issue selecting the campaign strategy on campaign setup.
- [Internal:4216] - We have added the connector state to the DataSync grid, and allowed deletion of disabled connectors without disabling the associated syncs.
- [Internal:4240] - Depreciated product SDKs and SDK endpoints as follows:
          - GatorMailSDK - Fully depreciated
          - SDK - Depreciated methods:
                    - Import_Recon_AutoMatch_Insert
                    - Import_Recon_CSV
                    - Import_Recon_Dataset
                    - Import_Recon_XML
          - SageCommunicatorIntegrationWebService - Depreciated methods:
                    - ReceieveSageContacts
                    - NewReceieveSageContacts
                    - RetrieveMMEData
                    - NewRetrieveMMEData
                    - NewRetrieveSLXData
                    - RetrieveMSCRMData
- [Internal:4269] - Added a new check-box to the Contact attribute screen to control whether the attribute is included in the contact export (subject access request).
- [Internal:4256] - Fixed an issue attaching articles to landing zones for customers that have tens of thousands of articles.
- [Internal:4270] - Removed the download for previously imported CSV files.
- [Internal:4276] - Added a new role for user management called "AllowContactDelete" that must be granted to allow users to delete contacts.
- [Internal:4279] - When a CRM data feed has a connection failure instead of disabling the feed we now pause for a period of time (the default is 6 hours but it is configurable).
- [Internal:4287] - Removed the the "Data Table" and "Repeating" columns from the Contact Fields grid.  Added new column called "Include In Export" which tells the user if the field is included in the GDPR export or not.
- [Internal:4292] - Added functionality to unsubscribes so they can be linked to your Confirmed Opt In (COI) to reset the COI status when the unsubscribe process is completed.
- [Internal:4293] - Added missing system fields to the contact screen - WOW_EmployeeSize, WOW_Industry, WOW_Region, and WOW_Turnover.
- [Internal:4295] - Fixed an issue with SSO loading the instance framework keys overlapping for SSO users that have multiple GatorMail instances.


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