GatorMail - v6.9.2

v6.9.2 What's Enhanced

- Articles - We have added the ability to put Articles into Landing Zones, as well as putting multiple Article Blocks into an Email or Landing Zone. At the Campaign level you then select the content for each block.

- Web Capture - By popular request we have revised the CSV export of Web Capture results to get a single row per contact, and hold the answers as separate columns in that row.

- RunCampaigns - We have utilised new SQL 2005 and SQL 2008 batch insert code which means our send speed has increased dramatically. Its not possible to provide an exact figure as several factors like the campaign and email setup affect it, but we have seen increases from 50k an hour to 250k an hour. Some cases have even gone over 1 million emails an hour! Note: This is only for customers using PowerMTA as their mail system.

v6.9.2 What's Fixed

- [9606,10377,12891,14257,23916:107] - Fixed an issue with HTML breaking mandatory questions on a survey.

- [15160:438] - Fixed an issue with spacing, when using the copy HTML button, to create the text version of an email.

- [15813:439] - Fixed an issue where if the campaign start date is null for a stage in a campaign, it stops other campaigns sending.

- [32123,35366:1223] - Fixed an issue with validation check failing if web capture is opened in a new IE window.

- [33076:1246] - Fixed an issue with exporting all contacts from tools -> contact, not exporting all contacts.

- [33621:1319] - Fixed an issue when storing contact data inside a multiline input box (from a Web Capture or Survey) and how that data then displayed with line spacing.

- [32740,35853:1275] - Changed the display of web capture results when exported to excel to show a single row per contact, and all the fields of their "answers" as columns on the row.

- [34051:1308] - Fixed an issue where the resend function didn't work for SMS campaigns.

- [34377,34411:1327] - Fixed an issue where lead score results were filtering out the undeliverables.

- [34410,34714:1326] - Changed Lead score reporting screen to display all results returned rather than just one page.

- [34500:1323] - Added a final check in RunCampaigns to see if campaign is still valid to send if the data has changed since getting the list of campaigns to send - via uninitiation.

- [34534:1320] - Fixed an issue so that if a campaign has been deleted, the bounces did not show in the bounce manager reporting.

- [34725:1340] - Added more contact fields to the export of lead score results.

- [34770:1382] - Fixed an issue with custom links on SMS mail merge sends.

- [35170:1387] - Fixed an issue with "/" in business object names causing manual contact updates to fail.

- [35308:1400] - Fixed an issue where after a Recapture, the web capture submit still needs to be clicked to actually capture the data.

- [35313,35522,35527:1369] - Fixed an issue where scheduled notification PDF's were coming though blank.

- [35400:1375] - Removed the ability to sort the contact screen. Instead you should search for the desired list, export it, and sort outside of the product if required.

- [35468:1364] - Fixed an issue with Dynamic content keeping it's ID when pulled from a template.

- [35578:1379] - Fixed an issue when using the pencil to check for non-tracked links on the initiate check screen.

- [35592:1391] - Fixed an issue with the autosave feature breaking the HTML for tracked links.

- [35613:1384] - Fixed an issue with symbols being used in attribute names.

- [35783:1399] - Fixed an issue with follow up from split test not pulling through custom links in subject line.

- [35802:1406] - Landing Zones can now contain article blocks.

- [35919:1411] - Fixed an issue where final audience count is not the same as the count when exported to excel when contact data had double quotes within fields.

- [35941:1409] - "Copy HTML" button now copies over the URLs and the link text of any links in the email.

- [35977:1404] - Fixed an issue with tracked links not working in Merge Fields in the view in browser link only.

- [36006:1415] - Fixed an issue with survey not accessed results display popup not working if the contact data had nulls.

- [36258:1414] - Fixed an issue with "£" signs in subject line not displaying correctly in follow-ups.

- [36261:1420] - Fixed an issue with articles not saving if the customer doesn't have lead score in licence.

- [36280:1423] - Fixed an issue where HTTPS links were being ignored when retrieving download click throughs for the SDK.

- [36278,36290,36727,36796:1444] - Fixed an issue where the Landing Zone URL was not being matched to the sending domain.

- [36387:1417] - Fixed an issue with follow ups saving "sendcampaign" as latest campaign in the system, but if that campaign was deleted, the follow-up would fail to open in the campaign setup.

- [Internal:1243] - Fixed an issue where you were able to initiate a campaign even if the entire audience was unsubscribed.

- [Internal:1381] - Changed scheduled notifications so you can now delete recipients.

- [Internal:1386] - Fixed an issue with refresh stages in SalesLogix only creating a static campaign in CommuniGator.

- [Internal:1390] - Prevented creation of business object fields with the name "campaigncode" as this is a system field.


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