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Editor Disabled - Invalid HTML: Unsupported Extensions Error

There are browser extensions which can inject html into the editor and can cause problems.  If we detect an unsupported extension while using the HTML editor we will disable the editor and you will not be able to edit or save.

You must disable the extension before you can continue to use the editor.  If you have already disabled the extension and are still not able to edit, please revert to an older version using the snapshot manager.  If this still has not helped please contact support.

Below, is more information on the error and a list of unsupported extensions.

Editor Disabled Error

Editor Disabled Error

Grammarly - (

Grammarly - (

If you are using Grammarly, please disable it while using GatorMail.  It can easily be disabled for the application.  

  1. Click on the Grammarly icon in the browser toolbar and you will be shown a popup window.  Here you will see a switch box to disable or enable Grammarly for the website you are on.
  2. Click the switch box to disable it for the CommuniGator site.



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