Exercise - Lead Score

Creating Lead Score Categories (Tools - Lead Score Setup)

This is a great way of keeping tabs on your hottest leads and identifying the cold ones!

Step 1.

Create a Lead Score category named ‘Electronics’.

Step 2.

Step 2.

Leave the default score values as they are but change the score aliases as follows.  Remember to click on ‘Update’ for each one. (In a live scenario these scores are likely to be higher).

• Mild: 4

• Warm: 8

• RedHot: 12

Repeat the above process to create a new score named ‘Home’.

Create a new email and insert the template of your choice create three articles to link from.

Step 3.

Step 3.

Set the first two article links to Landing Pages 1 and 2, attaching the same Lead Score categories of Electronics.

Set the third to Landing Page 3 select a lead score category of Home.

Save & Close your email

Step 4.

Step 4.

Create a Landing Page using a template or from scratch supply the text of "This is a Lading Zone used for testing Lead Score"  

Step 5.

1. Create a new campaign

2. Attach your email

3. attach your Landing Page 3 times each time using reference number 1 to 3

Step 6. (Test)

Step 7.

Step 7.

We would recommend that you now initiate the campaign

You will find the reporting tools for for Lead Score under the advanced reporting tab