Exercise Two

In this exercise we look at converting your existing template in to a GatorExpress enabled version.

Copy & Paste

1. Go to the email that you created for exercise one & copy the HTML code.

2. Create a new template called 'Your Name GE.'

3. Paste in the HTML code

Adding in Content/Merge Fields

Adding in Content/Merge Fields

1. Replace the text 'Welcome to my newsletter' and add in 'Merge field 1.'

2. Replace the text directly underneath and add in 'Merge field 2.'

3. Replace the text 'We have a great selection of hints and tips this week' and add in 'Merge field 3.'

Set Image

Set Image

1. Select the 'Golden Ticket' image and click on the 'Set Content Image.' Provide a name of 'Main Image.'

Adding in an article block

Adding in an article block

1. Remove the article text underneath the image.

2. Insert an article block from the right hand side tool bar.

3. Name article block 'Main Article.'

4. Select an article block that is responsive and contains an image.

5. Save & close.