Creating an Email


1: Exercise - Creating an Email

Please use this page to guide you whilst carrying out the questions on the following page.  

A preview of what the completed email should look like is on the final page.  Please ask your trainer if you need any help.

  1. Convert selected text / image to View In Browser link
  2. Convert selected text / image to Landing Page link
  3. Convert selected text / image to Website link
  4. Convert selected text / image to Document link
  5. Convert selected text / image to Survey link
  6. Convert selected text to Unsubscribe link
  7. Convert selected text to Send to a Friend link
  8. Insert Template
  9. Insert Salutation
  10. Insert Article Block
  11. Insert Image
  12. Change selected text’s colour
  13. Insert Custom Link

The Steps

  1. Create a new email called “[yourname] newsletter”.
  2. Insert the template called “Gator Training” from the ‘Your Templates’ section. (Item 8)
  3. Highlight the ‘view the Demo’ link and set as a web link to ‘’ with an Alias of “Demo”.  Apply the google analytics tracking.  (Item 3)
  4. Highlight the ‘Download the Guide’ link and use Document Manager to link to the marketing guide within the references folder.  (Item 4)
  5. Remove ‘Place image here’ text and use Image Manager to insert the ‘companylogo’ image from the gatortraining folder. (Item 11)
  6. Highlight the ‘View in Browser’ text and set it as a view in browser link. (Item 1)
  7. Highlight ‘Send to a Friend’ and convert it to a Send to a Friend link. (Item 7)
  8. Within the first article, remove where it says ‘FirstName’ and replace with the merge field of ‘FirstName’ using the custom links drop down list. (Item 13)
  9. Within the first article select the ‘tell me more’ link and set it as Landing Page link with a reference of 1. (Item 2)
  10. Within article 2 convert ‘take me to the library’ to a website link to ‘’ and use an Alias of “Video Library” (Item 3)
  11. Within Article 3 convert the “Show me the Planner” to a document link using Document Manager.  (Item 4)
  12. Highlight ‘Contact Me’ from within the top section of the email, under the logo image, and convert it to a Landing Page link, with a reference of 2. (Item 2)
  13. The bottom of the email contains some text that includes an unsubscribe and Send to a Friend option.  Set them (items 6 and 7)
  14. ‘Save and Close’ the email and use the ‘HTML Preview’ link to see your design.

(The preview will show content based on the first contact in the database.  If merge fields appear blank it is because the field is empty)

The Finished Article

The Finished Article

Your email should look similar to the picture above.

(The preview is purely cosmetic.  Your links will not work until you send a test.)