Landing Zones

You’ve now seen how to create a Landing Zone. Landing Zones can be used for a range for things such as a ‘more information’ page, a personalised profile page or a web capture form should you have the functionality available to you in your package. Landing Zone’s can also be linked together within a campaign in order to create a micro site.

Landing Zones can also be used to hold information that is campaign specific for a particular piece of information that, by a contact landing on the page shows that they were interested in the topic.

2: Exercise - Creating a Landing Zone

  1. Create a new Landing Zone called ‘[your name] contact’.
  2. Insert the template called ‘Generic’ from the ‘your templates’ section.
  3. Write the following text into the template.
  4. “Thank you for your request, someone will be in touch shortly”
  5. Insert a table with 3 rows and 2 columns where indicated.

6. Save and close the page.