Bake Your Own - Event Remarketing Campaign

This guide will take you through the process of setting up your own event remarketing campaign

The Story Board:

Contact books on to the event via the web site

They then receive our event confirmation email

They then receive 2 automated reminder email pre-event

We take an attendee list at the event that then triggers two campaigns, one for attendees (feed back survey), the other will send the video & slides from the event with next available dates coming up.

Booking on to the event

1. Our contact hit the web site & clicks through to the event booking form

2. Our contact fills in their details & books on to the event

Confirmation Email & Configuration

1. Under the Events tab within your own event, select the 'Confirmation Emails' tab

2. Select your confirmation email & provide a subject line. You are able to create a confirmation for both booker and delegate

3. Provide a sender alias (From address)

4. You are able to edit the sending address

5. You are able to configure which confirmation emails to send by selecting the radio button

Reminder Email & Configuration

1. Select the Reminder tab

2. Create a new reminder

3. Reminder name and notes

4. Select the send method, date or days prior to the event start date

5. Select the number of day you would like the reminder to be sent prior to the start date of the event

6. The reminder audience can be set as a single person, all delegates, all waiting booker's, booker's, and all unpaid booker's

7. Set the First Name

8. Set the Last Name

9. Set the email address of where you would like the reminders to be sent to

10. Select your reminder email

11. Set the reminder subject line

The Attendee list

1. Under event management select attendee register

2. Select the check box of those whom have attended your event

Contact Group - Attended

Contact Group - Attended

1. Within the group builder select 'Add Rule'

2. Select "Rule Type" of 'Event Rule'

3. Provide a description

4. Select your event

5. Select the action of 'Attended'

6. Add your condition to the group

Contact Group - Not Attended

1. Now create a group based on bookings

2. Then exclude your event attended audience group

This will now provide you this a group of contacts that did not attend the event

Campaign Build  - Attended Event & Not Attended

1. Create your campaign and select 'Refresh Non-Recurring' (Note you will need to run through the process of booking and taking the attendee register list with your contact details first, to allow you to create the group that is associated with this campaign)

2. Remember to make sure your closed date allows the emails to be sent within the life span of the campaign, when the close date is met no new audience members can be sent from the refresh non-recurring campaign. If you were to select the action type of 'Static' campaign all audience members required must be present prior to initiating the campaign.

3. Select your audience group 'Event Attended'

4. Select your post event email, this could include slides, videos or even a feed back survey. Why not even all three!

5. Test the campaign as normal, remember to check the spam score & run the Inbox checker

6. Save & initiate the campaign

Rewind & Repeat

You will now need to repeat the last step of the guide to build your "Not Attended" campaign. You could offer the slides, video and alternative date's on the "Sorry you could not attend" email that is sent out via this campaign.