GatorLeads Tracking

This adds new members to a Workflow if they meet the criteria defined by a set of rules.  
These rules determine whether a user has visited a certain web page.

GatorLeads Tracking

By dragging the GatorLeads Tracking stage to the canvas, the popup above will appear.

  1. Give the stage a name, in the description
  2. Click on 'Rules'

Adding a GatorLeads Tracking Rule

1. Select the plus button.

Applying logic to your GatorLeads Tracking Rule

This is where you create your rule to be either where a full url has been hit by a contact, or if the url contains a particular word or string.

1. Select the Operator ('Contains' or 'Is Equal To')

2. Enter the term (if using 'IS Equal To' as the operator then this should be a full url.  Otherwise, add the term that appears within the urls you would like to use.)