Store Value Stage

This stage stores a value into a named location for use later on in the Workflow.
This could be as a result of a condition, a member then has a value stored against them.  This could be that if a person has visited a case study on your website you may want to store a number associated with that action so you can add this to a lead score later on in the workflow.

The screen below is displayed on dragging the stage onto the canvas.

Store Value
  1. Give the Stored Value a name
  2. Type the value to store (this could be text or a number)

For more information on using Stored Values, please read the following article.

Why use Store Contact Value?

It allows you to bring in a contact value within the workflow, so the workflow can make use of it later.

For example if you want to bring the Account Manager’s email address or name in to the body of a notification email, you can use the merge field within the HTML editor.
BUT if you want the Account Manager to receive a notification you would need to use a Store Contact Value as you cannot access contact merge fields.