Send Test Centre (Beta)

Within Gator Creator we now have a Test Centre which is currently in Beta mode.

This newly designed centre is a much easier way to see what you're possibly missing from your email content, including Jonny's Design Checklist and our Automated Checks.

To access the Send Test Centre, select 'Test Send'.

Please Note: This is designed to provide a visual preview of the email only. Any links in your email will not work and should be tested via the Campaign Send Test Tab.

Test Centre View

1. This is where you will enter an email address to send a test to.

2. This is where you choose the email format to send as a test. We recommend testing both html and text versions.

3. This button will initiate the test.

4. These are the Automated Check results, the results from your send test.

5. This is Jonny's Design Checklist, providing tips for great email content.



You will have three automated checks which immediately flag up any issues and tell you what has been missed:

  • Image Description - This is now much more accessible for you. If this is flagged then you are missing an image description.
  • Font Sizing - This will flag if your fonts are smaller than 14px.
  • Gif Usage - This will flag if you are using a gif.


Please Note: Send Test does not currently support some merge fields and dynamic content. This is something we are working on supporting in the future.