Contact Summary Tab

Insight into the Summary Tab.

  1. The contact record gives you quick information such as the email address, plus the ability to search for them on Linkedin.
  2. The Activity Bar shows how active the user has been. These blocks represent the level of interest shown by each user.
  3. Shows contact field/attributes from a Preference Centre
  4. The Delivery Status of the user, which enables you to see if they should be receiving the email. In this instance it's deliverable.  
  5. The devices that the user utilises to open and view their emails.
  6. The last five activities that the user has completed within the campaigns.  
  7. Gives you the opportunity to view more activities by clicking on "more".
  8. Allows you to view more email activities and more details about the users activity such as the browser which they have used to open and complete tasks within the campaign.

Page Continued

Page Continued
  1. The list displays the last 5 campaigns sent to the user
  2. Additional information takes you direct to the Personal tab (This will be discussed in the next chapter)