Manage Approval Groups

This page is only available when switched on at a customers request and then only to Admin Users of the Account.

This is an approval feature available for campaigns that are sent from the system. Users of the system can be responsible for creating the campaign all the way to initiating, at which point it needs to be authorised by an approver before sending.

Instead of the campaign being initiated, it's submitted for approval to a group of definable users. These approval users will receive an email alert that a campaign is ready. The campaign can be approved to be initiated, or rejected with feedback. The original user receives an email alert stating that feedback has been left for them to action.

Admin - Manage Approval Groups

Admin - Manage Approval Groups

1. Choose a Group from the drop down to work with.

2. Click to select that group.


3. Click to create a new approval group.

4. Click here to show the Approval users (these are the people who can 'sign off a campaign and will receive an email when a campaign needs to be approved).

5. Click here to show the users who are not an Approval user (these are the users that must seek approval from the approval users when initiating a campaign).