Campaigns - Dashboard

This is where all your campaigns live.

Here you can perform a number of tasks including viewing the results of your campaigns, sorting your campaigns into folders, and performing industry comparisons.

  1. This option will hide or show the folder tree.
  2. This allows you to see which of your campaigns are live instead of looking at the status bar.
  3. This allows you to perform a 'Campaign Industry Comparison' to see how well your campaigns are performing industry wise.
  4. Here you can add a new campaign.
  5. This allows you to select all campaigns in your list.
  6. This is the name of your campaign.
  7. This allows you to create a new gator express campaign.
  8. This allows you to open the filter and enter keywords to search by.
  9. This is the notes section.
  10. This is the date you created your campaign on.
  11. This allows you to Tweet your campaign if you have Twitter set up.
  12. This shows if you campaign is a Gator Express, Traditional or Quick campaign.
  13. Selecting a letter from this list allows you to see all campaigns starting with that letter.
  14. This is the Status Key.
  15. This shows the status of each campaign. See number 14 to find out what status your campaigns can have.
  16. The red cross allows you to delete a campaign.
  17. Here you can view the results of your campaign.