Lead Score Analysis

If the criteria by which you calculate Lead Scores needs to change, you do not have to start afresh, you can use Lead Score Analysis to apply new criteria for the purpose of a report.

Please note this does not change the lead scores that have been set, It just let you see a report based on different criteria.

Reporting - Lead Score Analysis

1. This option will hide or show the folder tree.

2. Click here to add a new Lead Score Analysis.

3. Click here to use the filter search option.

4. Click here to remove the filter/search you applied.

5. Clicking a letter will show you all Lead Score Analysis that start with that letter.

6. These are the tick boxes for selecting multiple Lead Score Analysis at once when moving them to different folders.

7. This is the name of the Lead Score Analysis.

8. This is the description of the Lead Score Analysis, the notes are not searchable but can still be useful.

9. This is the date the Lead Score Analysis was created.

10. Click here to delete the Lead Score Analysis.

11. This is your folder tree.