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Admin Users - Restricting By Tabs

Admin Users

1. Click on 'Manage Users'

2. Click on 'Add New User'

3. Fill in 'User Details'


You can lock an account from this area

4. Under 'Account Details' you are able to set the home page for the user, that they will log in to, you are also able to set the product skin & layout if this is for an integrated version of Communigator.

5. Select the Roles you would like the user to have from the drop down menu, click 'Add Role' for each selected item.


The user setup here will only give the user the ability to create emails & Landing Zones and cannot access any other area of the product

Any user that is setup with restricted tabs requires 'BaseLogin' to be selected!

6. Set the password for the user.

7. The user is able to reset their password at any time.