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How do I add another user to Gator Leads?

This tutorial will show you how to add another user on to your GatorLeads account.

For more information, please see the user guide here.

1. First go to your GatorLeads page.

2. Then select the 'Admin' tab.

3. Hover over 'Client Admin'

4. Click on 'Manage Users'

5. Select the 'Add User' drop down.

6. Enter the details of the user you wish to add. The password can be reset later with the 'Forgot my password' option when signing in.

7.  Give the user a Role. This can be reset by the primary admin at a later date if you wish

The user must have a Single Sign on account to be added, and the email must be the same in both GatorLeads and Single Sign on.

On the homepage for the Communigator suite, if you have multiple users you must remove the current ones and add them all at the same time. This will not remove anything permanently.

Whatfix Flow

Below is one of our Whatfix flows, walking you through adding another GatorLeads user.

Please maximise the video screen to see the full flow.