Setting up GatorLeads

WhatFix Flow

Below is one of our Whatfix flows, walking you through attaching your GatorLeads account.

Please maximise the video screen to see the full flow.

Logging in to GatorLeads

    Logging in to GatorLeads:

To Log into GatorLeads hover over the “Reporting Tab” and select “GatorLeads”.

How to associate your GatorLeads account inside of GatorMail.

1. If you have a GatorLeads (WOW Analytics) account, click on the 'Account Login' button.

2. If you would like to inquire about GatorLeads, click the create account button.

Please Note: You will only need to associate the account once. Once the account has been associated it will automatically log you into your GatorLeads subscription.

Associating your Account

    Associating your account

1. Enter your GatorLeads username.

2. Enter your GatorLeads password.

Please Note: If this takes you to a white screen, please add WOW ( and the GatorMail URL (, as a trusted site within your internet browser.

Once you have associated your account it will take you through to your GatorLeads instance. You will be taken straight to your start page which will either be the Insights (shown above) or your 'Leads' page.

How to Change the Start Page

How to change the start page:

To change the start page click on the arrow next to your user name and click the 'my details' option. This will navigate you to the update your details page which allows you to update your personal details as well as select the Start page that you would like to display each time you log into Gator Leads.

Change the start page

To change your start page, click on the drop down box and select the page that you would like it to start on every time you log into your GatorLeads account.