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Using 'Qualify Out' to Stop Monitoring Multiple Leads

Sometimes, leads will appear in GatorLeads which you don't want to monitor - for example, internal contacts and partners. You can stop these leads from appearing using the 'Qualify Out' tab. 

If you wish to 'Qualify Out' a large list of leads, this is how to do it. 

Exporting Records to 'Qualify Out'

To start, you'll need to filter your leads to isolate the ones you'd like to qualify out. Let's look at qualifying out everyone with a low lead score as an example. To find the leads with a low score:

1. Date Range of your choice

2. Select the rating of the Chilli 'Lead Score Type' of your choice

3. Export Leads to a CSV

Uploading And Assigning

The next step is to upload this CSV file to GatorLeads and classify them as 'Qualified Out' leads: 

1. Admin > System Admin > Upload Leads

2. Select type to 'Qualified Out'

3. Click to upload the file

GatorLeads will match these leads and set them to qualified out. 

That's it! You have successfully qualified out the leads in your CSV.